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Jack the Bear

​Registered with both the AKC and CKC. Lovely cream colored standard Poodle.  Jack is a wonderfully regal and sweet boy.  His coat is a beautiful with light and soft curls. He is very playful and laid back with a nice mix of  thoughtful calm and playful energy.  He is a great family member, bonding quickly with anyone who loves on him.  Jack is about 60 pounds.  You can expect that range for adult weight.  We have a lovely range of colors from beautiful black, cream, apricot and sometimes a almost white from Jack. 


Additional Information:

  • Weight/Height:  58.8 Lbs / 26"

  • OFA Certificates of Clearance (Clear/Normal):

    • Von Willebrand Disease (VWF)

    • Retinal Atrophy

    • Degenerative Myelopathy

    • Osteochondrodysplasia (skeletal Dwarfism )

    • Neonatal Encephalopathy

    • Progressive Renal Atrophy

    • Macrothrombocytopenia (MAC) 

  • Healthy PENNHIP Score

  • Embark DNA genetic testing cleared for 171 diseases they test for PLUS he has also had the color panel and characteristics genetically tested so we can have a  very accurate idea about his offspring. 

Jack the Bear 2.jpg
Jack the Bear.jpg
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