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Millie June

Millie June.jpg

Millie is a Full sister to Phoebe who is also in our breeding program. Millie is a year younger and a spunky fun little sister.


They live together with their guardian family in Portland.  Millie loves puddles, playing running, and hugs from her family. She is a truly joyful girl. 

  • AKC registered standard poodle

  • CKC registered 

  • Embark DNA results clear - 

  • Millie June is not at risk for the genetic health conditions that Embark tests.

    • (0/8 breed relevant conditions and 165 additional conditions) 

  • Good hip joint confirmation OFA preliminary

  • Negative for OFA Elbow dysplasia 

  • OFA certificates for- ( all negative and clear )

    • Observable inherited eye disease

    • Dentition

    • Degenerative myelopathy

    • Macrothrombocytopenia 

    • Patellar luxation

    • Progressive retinal atrophy 

    • Von willebrands ( VWD )clear

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