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Puppy Essentials

  • Water bowl (upside down style, one gallon water container/dish)

  • Food bowl

  • Iams “large breed puppy food” (many choices out there, we like Iams as it is balanced, and recommended by the veterinarian association) 

  • Leash

  • Collar- small/medium adjustable

  • Bed

  • Crate- I suggest a large version and section it off early on so they have sleeping space, but not enough room to make a potty area

  • Toys- chew-able but not destructive

  • Soft toys

  • Chewing specific toys- not rawhide 

  • Brushes- getting to the skin is important to prevent matting

  • Shampoo- something gentle.  Burt's Bees makes a nice one.

  • Blankets for the crate

  • Nail clippers- scissor style

  • Food storage container 

  • Puppy treats- small and tasty made in USA

  • Register/licence your new puppy

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